Vision Walk Week 1: Broken Heart

January 7, 2018

Vision Walk Week 1: Broken Heart from Spirit Chapel on Vimeo.



If being a Christian is about doing the will of the Father, and Jesus says it is, how do we do that? How do we move from God speaking to us, to us stepping out in Faith to “Walk the Vision?” That’s what this series is about. We are following along with the story of Nehemiah and learning how to move from “catching the vision” to “Walking the walk” that gets us there. BIBLE REFERENCES: Matthew 6:10;
Nehemiah 1:1-7; Exodus 34:6-7; Ezekiel 18:19-20; Nehemiah 1:8-11; Malachi 3:11; 2 Chronicles 16:9; Matthew 22:2-14.