STFD Week 3: Anger Issues

May 13, 2018

STFD Week 3: Anger Issues from Spirit Chapel on Vimeo.



Many people confess to having problems with their temper. And yet, no one seems to be able to do much about it. We are driven by rage, letting our anger control us, and then apologize later to those we hurt. Except, Jesus tells us, we are supposed to be different. It is by our fruit that people will know who we are. And Anger is not a fruit of the spirit. So, how can we stop this powerful emotion that seems to sometimes run our lives? BIBLE REFERENCES: Matthew 5:21; Mark 11:15-16; Ephesians 4:25-27; Mark 7:14-22; Mark 11:15-17; Matthew 5:21-22; Acts 3:19-20; Psalms 4:3-4; Matthew 6:14-15; John 10:8,10