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February 16, 2014

gods at war – Week 3 (god of Love)

gods at war - Week 3 (god of Love)

Aren’t we called to Love? Doesn’t the Bible tell us that God is Love? So, what does it mean that the god of Love can be a false god in our lives? How can we Love… but not too much? In this sermon, Pastor Mark proposes that it is not a quantity problem… it is […]

February 9, 2014

gods at war – week 2: god of pleasure

gods at war - week 2: god of pleasure

Here’s the thing: The god of pleasure does not want to kill you — he wants to humiliate you… and then destroy you. Today we see how a man of great strength and great faith fell to the god of pleasure.  

February 2, 2014

gods at war – The Beginning

gods at war - The Beginning

We are starting a six week series on a topic that most people think we don’t need to spend six minutes on: false gods in your life. What’s up with that? Are we the Mayans suddenly? Aren’t we a modern church with relevant messages? Well, the fact is that false gods is a huge thing […]

January 26, 2014

Puny Faith

Puny Faith

Most Christians have heard that we are saved by faith and not by works. But, we’ve also heard that Faith without works is dead. Well… which is it? Why does the bible seem to contradict itself? And how are we supposed to have strong faith when the world is so crazy?

January 19, 2014

Resolutions – Conclusion – The Plan

Resolutions - Conclusion - The Plan

In the final sermon of the Resolutions series, Pastor Grice brings up an unusual topic: What is the Mission Statement of Christianity. And, if you call yourself a Christian, doesn’t that mean that we need to work towards Jesus Christ’s mission statement?

January 12, 2014

Resolutions – Week 2 – Protection

Resolutions - Week 2 - Protection

As we resolve to live a better life next year, it becomes very important to protect what we have. God gives us a warning about the curse we all live under, as well as away of protecting yourself from the curse, and its agent: the devourer. We dive into this important, if somewhat scary, topic

January 5, 2014



Now is the time when we look to ways to improve ourselves. We want to lose weight. Or work out. Or spend more time with our family. But before we start all of that, lets look at the one thing that matters most: Where is our heart set?

December 29, 2013

Awesome God

Awesome God

It’s easy to fall into modern thinking. There are those who believe that Good and Evil are in a balanced conflict as God opposes his nemesis Satan. But today we blow the lid off of that myth. Our God is unlike anything else in the universe. He is an awesome God.

December 22, 2013

Gift of the Maji: The Holy Spirit

Gift of the Maji: The Holy Spirit

Of all of the gifts God gives us, none is more powerful than the gift of the Holy Spirit. So why do so many of us hesitate to open that one? Why do many preachers in our country preach against the Holy Spirit, and warn their congregations to stay away from the gifts of the […]

December 15, 2013

Gift of the Maji: Talents

Gift of the Maji: Talents

Back to Matthew 25 and the parable of the Talents… but this time, we look closer at the third servant. The one who buried his talent. Why would he do that? Why did his master react so strongly to it. And, more importantly, what does that mean for us?

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