What kind of music do you do?

The music is a blend. We do some hymns — but they are done in a more upbeat style with guitars, pianos, and even the occasional drumbeat. We also do modern worship songs that you may hear on K-Love.

There is no band up front rocking it out. We don’t want people coming for a concert, we want them to feel they can participate in the singing. The words to the music is on the screen, combined with moving images and environmental projections, all of which is designed to create an atmosphere where worshiping feels natural. In older days, artisans used paintings and sculpture to enhance the atmosphere for worship, we use sound and moving images — but the intent is the same: We don’t want people to watch, we want them to experience. 

One thing we don’t do is overpower the room with the sound system.

A lot of times, people look at our four 1000 watt speakers with 18″ sub-woofer and assume we are going to hurt people with the volume — but we don’t “crank it up.” The reason we have the large system is not for volume, it is for clarity. The bigger the speaker, the larger sound wave it can represent. The sound in Spirit Chapel is remarkable. Every note can be heard in the songs, and even if the Pastor drops his voice to a whisper, you will still hear every word.

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