What should I expect when I come to Spirit Chapel for the first time?

You will be welcomed but not embarrassed. We love to see people come and try us out, but we don’t track visitors down like insurance salesmen working on their quota. Someone is probably going to say hi to you, but not in a stalker sort of way. If you get there a little early, there is coffee and (sometimes) cookies. You are welcome to take these with you to your seat.

Spirit Chapel is a smaller building (we like to call it cozy). But it has an amazing sound system, a small stage, and three projectors set up. The side walls are for the “environmental” projectors. This will be a video of something that creates a cool atmosphere: it could be a snowfall scene, or a fireplace, or something that relates to the music playing. (You can get an idea of this if you check out any of our sermons online)

If you come early, you will notice a countdown timer running on the main screen — we like to be punctual. The service usually starts with a video to set the tone — sometimes it is funny, sometimes moving, and sometimes inspiring. From there we start the music which is usually about three songs. The lyrics show on the main screen, so you don’t need to squint at old hymnals with fine print. After the music, we send the kids to their age appropriate service. We have the Lookput for the younger folk and the Youth Group for Middle School and up.

In the main room, the sermon starts as the kids leave. The sermon takes full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the church — and usually includes slides, movie clips, and moving images sure to keep the attention. It goes by fast. One comment we get a lot is how the service seems to be over too soon.


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