WAIT – you never take up an offering? Really???

Its kind of funny that we get asked this question a lot — considering that usually people are complaining that churches only want their money…

We don’t take up a collection because we are not God’s collection agency. As our lead Pastor is fond of saying: “We are a Spirit-led church, not a Spirit-push church.”

We believe in giving. We believe in Tithing. We just don’t believe that we need to guilt anyone into giving. In fact, after a careful look through the New Testament, the only time we saw Jesus pass out baskets is when He was handing out food.

In order to give your tithe or offering to Spirit Chapel, there are three ways:

1) there is a box by the door (marked Tithes and Offerings) that you can drop your envelope (which are in the pews) into.

2) On the outside of the building is a slot that you can feel free to drop an offering in any time, day or night

3) You can give online through the web page.

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