Is the church just for young people?

Not at all.

Spirit Chapel was designed with the millennials in mind.

We saw too many young people checking out of church and never coming back because they were bored. The tragedy was they were entering a time in their lives when they were making life changing decisions, and they were doing it without any thought about God at all. We wanted to design a church that met them where they lived. All of us want to know that God is timeless and relevant to the lives we live today.

Now… that said, ¬†we don’t check IDs at the door. We have people coming from all generations. Anyone who enjoys a creative worship experience, solid Christian teaching, and a message that is relevant to the issues we face in our lives today, will enjoy it. We have had people walk into Spirit Chapel and tell us after one service: “Wow, I found my church.” And that has happened for people from many different age groups.

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